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🐶 INTERACTIVE DOG TOY: Your dog will love playing this fun hide and seek scent game using their innate instinct to find the anise bags you have hidden, with varying levels of challenge available to suit your dog’s mental ability. This portable dog product comes with clear instructions and videos from a certified dog scent trainer, and is suitable for small, medium and large dogs. No set up required!


🐶 NOSEWORK: Dogs have an incredibly strong sense of smell, estimated to be thousands of times better than ours! They can easily pick up the scent of anise, which excites them and is often used in nose work competitions. Nose work tasks give dogs a fun job to do and can tire out even the most energetic of dogs!


🐶 DOG MENTAL STIMULATION: Sniffing helps to reduce boredom, stress and anxiety. It increases dog enrichment, happiness and calmness. It can build dog confidence and develop your relationship together. 10 minutes of sniffing for your dog is considered equal to 1 hour of running.


🐶 QUALITY: From the makers of Snuffle knot, a quality brand you can trust. Snuffle Seek scents are made of dog friendly ingredients which will cause no harm if ingested. The durable bags are machine washable, and the storage tin keeps the smell fresh.


🐶 PERFECT GIFT: A new and unique dog training toy and dog puzzle designed to give hours of fun. Snuffle Seek makes a memorable gift for any dog or dog lover. A great dog birthday present, a puppy essential or a training tool. It is suitable for all types of dogs and comes with a 100% return guarantee, making it a risk-free purchase. No toy is indestructible and supervision during use is required. Not suitable for excessive chewers.


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